What is Glass Coating? Benefits and Types

The advancement in the field of architecture and decor have undergone significant changes which has brought the trend of use of glass in home, office, apartment and other space furnishings to give your space a subtle and aesthetic look. 

Glass design not only gives your home a slender modern touch but improves the overall eye-pleasing view as well. If you are looking for glass coating services in Noida, you need to understand it. In the article, we will be looking over glass coating and all the necessary details about it, so let’s get to it.

Glass Coating

What is Glass Coating?

Ever had a glass coating done? What is it? Glass coating has been in functionality for a long time and is still very much in use. It refers to the coating of the glass or transparent material to protect it from scratch and simultaneously provide a soft, translucent look repelling water and other particles and lasting for a long time. 

It is made of SiO2 (silicon dioxide) which gives the glass a dirt-free and bright look. It is just a simple layer over the glass which works well in protecting it. A top film is formed on the glass as the silicon-based gas applied on the surface of the glass reacts with oxygen. Let’s have a look at the benefits of glass coating.

Benefits of Using Glass Coatings in Homes

The benefits of glass coating do not limit it to keep it clean but there are many benefits you gain by having glass coating done, here we list the top six benefits of the same:

1. Aesthetics 

Are you the one eyeing an aesthetic look for your space? With aesthetics trending in the present era, you can have your house, apartment or office have that captivating yet subtle look. 

  • With glass coating, you can have a soft, sleek, slender, classy and natural look over your designs or structure.
  • It helps you get a spacious, clear, open and transparent outdoor view that resonates with the elegant design of your space.

2. Natural Light 

Why raise your electricity bills with more lighting when you can have natural light? Having a glass coating allows you to get more natural light in your space rather than using bulbs. 

Natural Light
  • The glass coating traps the sunlight more effectively than normal glass, allowing the natural light to stay in and enhancing the light. 
  • You can just allow the natural sunlight to pass through it allowing you to turn off the lights in the day time and save your money.

3. Energy Efficiency 

Many people think that getting glass coating done is of no use as it serves no purpose. But wait! Glass coatings are known for their feature of saving energy and being efficient. 

  • With the use of Low-E coatings, you can save energy as it helps in reducing the transfer of energy and preserving home temperature. 
  • Both in winters and summers it helps in maintaining the temperature along with the seasonal changes by trapping the heat and cool air likewise.

4. Durability and Maintenance 

We all often fear that glass structure may not stay and collapse, or may break by mistake. Glass coating provides you escape from this fear and easy maintenance. 

  • The durability of the class coating depends on how much wear and tear it will be subjected to, with good maintenance it can last long.
  • The maintenance of glass coating is easily done, just avoid any abrasive material and use a maintenance spray to wipe it with a towel and clean it.

5. Security and Safety 

Do you fear that glass can hinder your privacy? With the wide range of glass coating, you can ensure the security and safety of yourself and the glass. 

  • With the use of a security glass coating, you can protect yourself and others from broken and hard materials or weapons.
  • The glass coating also gives you security from intruders who try to peek into the privacy by giving a translucent view.

6. Eco-Friendliness

With a sustainable approach you can have an environmentally friendly glass coating. It is designed in such a way so that it bears no harm to the environment. 

  • There are glass coatings that are made from solvent-free contents which are eco-friendly. 
  • Along with being eco-friendly it protects against UV rays and provides no harm to nature.

Types of Glass Coatings

Amidst the benefits of glass coatings, there are different categories under glass coating which you must know when you look for glass coating services in Noida. Here are some of the types:

1. Low-E (Low Emissivity) Coatings 

With the use of Low-E or Low Emissivity coatings, you can protect your place from the harmful solar lights as it is known to deflect the UV and infrared rays while allowing the natural light to enter and save your electricity bills.

Low-E (Low Emissivity) Coatings 

Further it keeps the room warm in winter by the light and warmth and likewise in summer, keeping the room cool by trapping the cool air from HVAC systems, making it energy efficient and preserving the temperature of the room.

2. Reflective Coatings 

The reflective glass coating refers to the coating of the thin film or layer of metal or metallic oxide on the standard glass. As the name suggests, it works as a reflective surface giving it a mirror-like look as it is applied on one side of the surface.

Reflective Coatings

These coatings are known to block the visibility of the building or room from the outside thus helping you maintain your privacy and blocking peaking eye along with cutting the solar heat from entering your room, apartment or office.

3. Self-Cleaning Coatings 

Self-cleaning glass coatings are specialized glass coatings made of hydrophilic and photocatalytic coatings that get activated with the help of UV rays of the day. These coatings prevent any dirt from sticking onto the glass making the cleaning process easy.

Self-Cleaning Coatings 

This is done with the help of photocatalytic material present in the coating as it breaks down the dirt present on the glass making it clean. It also does not allow the water to stay on the glass thus reducing the cleaning efforts of the person. 

4. Tinted Coatings 

Ever seen vehicles with window panes tinted or view restricted? Though with similarity to reflective glass coating, the tinted coating also works towards providing a reflective mirror-like surface to the glass as it is applied on one side of the glass.

Tinted Coatings 

The tinted coatings are done to restrict the entry of light but also absorb the light to maintain the temperature. They are used in interior and exterior design of the company and house giving a classy, modern and elegant look to the design.

5. Anti-Reflective Coatings

Enjoying a crystal clear view from your window or balcony is always a desire which can be made possible by anti-reflective coatings that reduce the reflection from the glass allowing the light to pass through giving you a clear transparent look. 

Anti-Reflective Coatings

It is designed in such a manner that very little light is lost and maximum transmission is allowed. You can find this coating, especially in specs and windows to allow crystal clear views even if there are light differences. 


With the glass coating, you can not only make your glass decor have a sleek, slender, classy and elegant modern look but also work on saving yourself a lot of time and money. With glass coating you can protect your window panes, car windows, apartment glasses, and office space glass architecture from not only scratches and breaks but also from dirt, maintaining temperature and privacy, and others. 

So, now that you know all about glass coating, its benefits, and its types, you can look for glass coating services in Noida and have your glass architecture or work done.


1. How do I choose the right type of glass for my windows?

When it comes to choosing the right type of glass for windows, solar-reduced glass is the best for windows as it reduces the solar lights entering the space and maintains the temperature of the building. You can also go for Low-E coated glasses to keep the bills low or reflective glasses for privacy. 

2. Are there any health concerns related to glass windows?

There are no such health concerns related to or found about using glass windows. Though there can be certain discomfort when it comes in contact with glass coating, there is no dangerous impact but causes drowsiness, dizziness, headache and other related problems. 

3. What is the lifespan of glass coatings?

The glass coating is long-lasting, it lasts for 1 to 3 years in cases of glass coating which are done on the windshield which stays this with proper maintenance. In the case of windows, balcony panes, and showers it can last as long as 10 years with proper care, cleaning and maintenance.

4. Can glass coatings be applied to existing windows? 

Yes, you can apply glass coating to the existing windows like you can apply the Low-Emissivity coating to the existing windows or any coating to the windows to protect your building or room from heat or cold or UV and infrared rays from the sun.  

5. How do I know which type of glass coating is right for my home? 

When you are looking for different glass coating for your home then you first need to decide what you want, whether it is energy efficient, security and safety, privacy, temperature management, and other features. Look for climate tolerance and energy efficiency when deciding on the coating. 

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